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I really need to get n animation up.

2007-10-06 04:40:52 by Limped

Yeah, I mean, I'm not like total shit or anything, I'm just really lazy.

Maybe I'll make something short pretty soon and get into the newgrounds community better.

I really need to get n animation up.


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2007-10-06 06:28:04

Would of been better if it was flash, thats pivot.

Limped responds:

Yes, that's not the animation I was reffering to. I just felt like posting that for mere comment whorism.


2007-10-22 15:46:45

u should post some of your stuff at the pivot showcse thread and whore the crowd. 06606/64


2007-10-31 20:59:24

heheh...I remember wow'd everyone at the show case.I love the randomness in it.=P